What’s Social Boosting and how can it help you grow your Tik-Tok and Instagram accounts? Are you sick and tired of the several fake SMM companies out there, promising heaven and earth to their customers, but eventually, no results? No worries! We have been there. We understand how frustrating it is to invest so much in your social media accounts but get no results.

The trick is to read SMM companies’ reviews like this before committing to any. These reviews will give you an idea of how an SMM company works, the pros, cons, features, and every other detail. You will also read up on what other customers say about the company and its services. 

So, this review is for Social Boosting: a US-based social media growth company specializing in Instagram and TikTok. Make sure you read it to the end.

What is Social Boosting?

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Social Boosting is an online project developed by a professional digital marketing agency with a very long experience in the field of social media and understands the importance of being active, current, and influential.

The Company understands that going viral on social media is not a walk in the park, which is why it developed this social media engagement service and made it public. SocialBoosting aims at boosting your presence on social media credibly and naturally and reflecting your trustable image among your community.

Furthermore, their vision is to have their services on every social media account. The team deploys tried and tested Instagram growth strategies to ensure their client’s reach and engagement grow.

But that’s not all. Social Boosting does not send bots traffic, fake followers, and other dodgy techniques to their clients. The company’s entire focus is on increasing Instagram followers using organic growth strategies. It boasts a 4.6 average rating out of over 751 reviews on review sites. 

The services 

Social Boosting offers two major services, and there are Instagram and TikTok. So, let’s take a quick look at these services.


You can get Instagram followers, likes, and views under this package. The products are available in varying quantities and prices. You can check the official website to read up on this package and its products.


Like the Instagram package, the company’s TikTok package also has TikTok followers, likes, and views. This package also has different quantities and prices. 

What Does Social Boosting Offer Its customers?

Safety and Security 

The company’s networks are built in a way that provides you with the best and safest SMM service. So, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. 

100% Customers satisfaction 

Social Boosting takes pride in its roster of satisfied customers, thanks to its high-quality services.

Drip Feature 

Social Boosting drip-feed feature allows you to receive your likes, views, or followers more organically by receiving your package in multiple runs.

Refill Feature 

There’s a re-fill feature that ensures any unfollowers from your TikTok package are replaced with other active and authentic followers completely for free. 

100% Money Back Guarantee 

Social Boosting offers a Money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the service provided.

Excellent Customer Support 

Also, you will enjoy a friendly and supportive customer care staff readily available around the clock.

How to order on Social Boosting?

Select your package

Start by browsing through the large selection of different products to make your choice. As a note, the company has different products at very competitive prices. 

Fill your details

Proceed to provide your username and email address for your receipt. 


Follow the checkout process on your screen, and boom! You are ready to start receiving results on your order. 

What Do We Like:

  • Flexible payment methods ( PayPal, Visa, American Express, and Discover)
  • Professional website, easy to navigate
  • Good reviews online 
  • Order tracking 
  • Various packages with attractive offers
  • Secure site
  • Organic growth
  • 24 hours customers support 

What Do We Not Like:

  • No free trial 

Customer Feedback:

M Anti Says:

Social Boosting supported my Instagram profile by creating a consistent network of contacts in line with the main targets of my editorial project and the target audience. In particular, my account gained 572 new followers in one month with concrete possibilities for further growth. Customer service has always been professional, polite, and constantly available online, by email, and by phone. I highly recommend Social Boosting to anyone who wants to build a network of real followers/clients/stakeholders potentially interested in your business. My best regards, Maurice Abbot. 

Benjamin Says:

My Instagram is focused on lifestyle niche where I talk about all things from travel to skincare to fashion. It might sound simple to grow the page, but I had a tough time doing so. Since I have been with them for over a month now, I got quite a few dozen new followers that do engage with my content. This makes me motivated to create new content. 

Michelle Says: 

The Social Boost team is incredibly dedicated, using tailored campaigns to achieve great results. This month we saw a huge growth organically. Our dedicated campaign manager is always quick to respond and guide us through the process. Highly recommend Social Boost for anyone looking for organic social media growth.


Q. How many days of refill guarantee does Social Boosting provide?

A. Social boosting offers a refill for 30 days after the purchase. All you need to do is directly request a refill if there is a drop in the number.

Q. Is it safe to buy from Social Boosting?

A. While you are ordering from Social Boosting, they will only request your username to process your order; your username or the link to your TikTok profile is enough. Your password is not needed. 

Q. How long does it take to deliver my order on Social Boosting?

A. It depends on the package you wish to have. If you selected a big package or used the drip-feed feature, delivery will take longer than usual due to the nature of the order and also ensure the safety of your account.

In Conclusion 

As far as we are concerned, Social Boosting gets a pass for a good social media growth company. On our factors scale, the company has a tick for the major characteristics of a good SMM company. So, we encourage you to consider this company for growing your Instagram and TikTok. The company is safe to use, and it delivers as promised.

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