Which companies had their IPO in 2016? In our 2015 IPO article, we wrote, that it was a flop year for IPO. But who knew, 2016 year’s IPO was going to be even worse than the previous year. Only 119 companies filed for initial public offerings in 2016. Since 2009 this was the lowest number of companies who filed for IPO. The total fundraising of this year’s IPO is less than 2014’s single company Alibaba’s IPO collection ($21.8 billion). This year’s IPO Collection is lower than the last 10 years’ capital.

This year’s IPO closed out with barely 106  companies. Among them, 21 tech companies’ value increased by 50% which is more than their IPO price. As of December 9,  102 companies called their initial public offering, and on average around 30% stock price increased.

12 Biggest IPO Companies in 2016

Companies That Had Their IPO In 2016
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We have made a list of top and significant IPO companies in 2016. Check on the following list to get more details.

ZTO Express

Chinese package delivery company had the biggest IPO of 2016. ZTO is one of the largest international delivery companies considering package volume. Along with delivery services this company provides other logistic support all over China covering almost 96% of the area. ZTO is also the delivery service provider of the e-commerce platform giant Alibaba.

ZTO’s IPO offering was 72.1 million shares, per share price consequently being $19.50. But their share rate declined 5.6 percent which is less than their IPO price. Therefore, ZTO’s IPO fundraising was $1.4 billion.

The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China with Meisong Lai is the founder and CEO.

Line Corporation 

Line Corporation is a Z Holdings subsidiary Tokyo-based message application company. The company provides mobile applications as well as internet services. The company’s line online messaging app is a popular platform for the user. The company was founded on September 4, 2000 but rebranded as Line Corporation in 2013.

Line Corp made its initial public offering debut in 2016, on the NY Stock Exchange market. Valuing the company at $9 billion. They offered 22 million shares with a per share price of $42. They also called for 13 million shares in the Tokyo stock market. Consequently, Line Corporation raised around $1.1 billion in the initial public offering.

Athena Holding Ltd.

Athene Holding Ltd. is an insurance company that provides retirement savings and long-term retirement funding benefits as well as management services. Athene is a subsidiary group of Apollo Global Management. James Belardi, former president of SunAmerica (life insurance company); Bear Stearns (CEO) of Athene holding and Apollo Global co-founded the company.

Athena Holding went public in 2016 valuing the company at $8.25 billion. Athena’s IPO increased by around 9.2 percent in the opening and became the year’s biggest financial IPO. They offered 27 million A class shares priced at $40 each. Athena raised its IPO funding to $1.08 billion.

MGM Growth Properties LLC

MGM Growth Properties LLC is a real estate investment company. The company invests in large-volume casino properties. MGP is based in Summerlin South, Nevada and was formed on 23rd October 2015. By triple-net leases, this company provides services with leasing properties to MGM resorts.

Soon after forming, in 2016, the company went public on 25th April 2016. MGM raised $ 1.05 billion in its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. They offered 50 million shares at $21 per share price. Their previously indicated range was $18-$21. 

US Foods Holdings

US Foods is an American food service provider that was previously known as Us foodservice. It was established in August 1989. This company was the 10th biggest private company with $24 billion annual revenue before it became public. US Foods serves more than 350,000 national brand products with their own customized frozen and prepackaged food items. The company has branches in more than 60 locations in the States.

Us Foods started its initial public offering in 2016 and raised $1.02 billion which became the year’s second biggest U.S IPO. Us foods fixed 44.4 million shares at $23 (per share) which is within its expected range of $21-$24.


Valvoline Inc is an automobile oil, additive as well as lubricants distributor and manufacturer company in America. The company serves over 1400 locations and it is the second largest Oil change service provider in the US. Dr. John Ellis founded Valvoline on September 6, 1866. He was the inventor of petroleum lubricants for steam engines. The company was acquired by Ashland Inc, in 1949.

Valvoline completed its initial public offering on September 22, 2016. The company offered 30.45 million shares with a common stock price of $22 per share. Valvoline raised $660 million by selling around 30 million shares.

Extraction Oil & Gas Inc.

Extraction Oil & Gas Inc is an American oil & gas company. It supports the development,  acquisition, and production of oil, gas as well as natural gas liquids. All reserved in the Rocky Mountains. It has 941 producing wells. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The key people of the company are Mark Erickson, Matt Owens, and Rusty Kelley.

The company made its initial public offering entry on the NASDAQ stock exchange. They filed for a $100 million IPO raising 33.3 million shares. Its per-share value was $19 which was more than the expected range of $15-$18. They raised around  $728 million from Their  IPO entry.


Patheon is a Canadian pharmaceutical company ( Thermo Fisher Scientific’s brand). The company develops and manufactures small molecule API, biologics, viral vectors, formulation, cGMP plasmid, and clinical trial solutions. They provide commercial and logistics packaging and manufacturing of their products. Patheon was established in 1974, in Fort Erie, Ontario. In 1990, they started expanding their business in the US.

Patheon made its initial public offering debut in 2016, expecting to raise $700 million from the deal. Their common stock price was between $19-$20 per share. Its offering share was more than 30 million.

Red Rock Resorts, Inc

Red Rock Resorts, Inc is an American hotel and casino company. It is a subsidiary of Station Casinos, LLC. Their Headquarters is in Las Vegas,  Summerlin South,  Nevada. Frank Fertitta Jr. is the founder of the company. Their casino market is one of the biggest ones in Las Vegas. This company started its journey on July 1, 1976.

Red Rock started its initial public offering by announcing $531.4 million on the U.S stock market. Its per-share value offering was $19.50 and share stock was 27.25 million.

First Hawaiian, Inc

First Hawaiian, Inc is a Bank company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The bank is the main organization and it was founded in 1958. It was the oldest and biggest financial service in Hawaii. They have 57 branches of the bank. The bank offers various banking services for normal consumers to commercial customers. First Hawaii was in the list of the Forbes magazine 100 largest banks with $20 billion worldwide.

On the NASDAQ First Hawaii listed them for IPO entry on August 4, 2016. Their IPO market offering was $3.21 billion. It has sold 21.1 million shares at $23 per stock price. Their IPO  fundraising was $485 million.


Nutanix is a cloud-based tech company from America. The service includes selling software, cloud services, storage, etc. Dheeraj Pandey, Mohit Aron, and Ajeet Singh co-founded Nutanix on September 23, 2009. The company raised a $1 billion cap by 2013.

Nutanix filed for its initial public offering in 2015 and it went public in 2016. The company’s IPO raising was around $230 million after selling 14.87 million shares at $16 per stock.


Twilio is an American communication service company. The company provides implemented communication components for establishing phone calls, messaging, and other web APIs based services. Twilio’s co-founders include Jeff Lawson, Evan Cooke, and John Wolthuis who created the company in 2008. Their headquarters are in San Francisco, California, and Seattle Washington.

Twilio went public in 2016, its IPO stock value raised up to 92 percent on the first day of trading. Their per-share value was $23.99 which was above the expected range of $12-$14. Twilio’s IPO fundraising was $150 million.


In this article, we have covered 12 IPO companies in 2016. The first 10 companies were the top IPOs of the year. The last two companies Nutanix and Twilio was not from the sequential top list, but their IPO entry was significant.

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