As its name implies, InstaGrowing is a marketing company focusing on Instagram. The company aims to help Instagram content creators to grow their Instagram page. The company was founded in 2017 to help people promote their IG page and make their daily online experience brighter. 

According to them, they provide different social signals, including likes, views, and followers for a fair price. But that’s not all. They also claim to give a paid starting base to gain real-world followers. 

The founder LENCHENKO I. is a social media leader with brilliant ideas and skills that can change people’s lives for the better.  His team members include digital marketing specialists, software engineers, customer service engineers, and copywriters. The company has branches in Washington, USA, and Cyprus.

The Core values

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The team at InstaGrowing operates with these core values:

  • Honesty and openness
  • Timely order processing
  • Support and understanding
  • Ongoing development
  • First-class service

These principles help them to deliver the best results to their clients at a very affordable price. 

What does InstaGrowing offer?

InstaGrowing offers the following to their clients

Quick results

You do not have to create and post content for years before you create a strong online presence for yourself. InstaGrowing offers quick results by getting real likes and followers and having a strong online presence. You can show up in people’s recommendations in a few days when you use InstaGrowing for your engagement strategy. 

Secured engagement strategy

The company uses an SSL certificate that prevents man-in-the-middle attacks and other types of hacks. Your business and payment information is protected when you use their services. 


In most cases, investing in Instagram followers or likes for your brand is considered a business expense. This means you can write off the costs for next year’s taxes. Make sure to save your receipt.

IG Boosts

With InstaGrowing, you can boost your IG, making it look more relevant and credible, unlike other companies offering fake likes and followers.

The services

We have highlighted the best offers and the popular services InstaGrowing offers its clients. Here they are;

Best Offers

50 Followers: This comes in 2 packages; real followers and premium followers. For the real 50 followers, you will get your delivery in 10 Hours, dedicated Customer Support, and Refill Guarantee for 15 Days. It slightly differs for the 50 premium followers. The 50 premium followers come with 30 days refill guarantee and a Delivery Time of 5 Hours. 

50 Real Likes: The 50 Real likes have these features; Quick Start, Delivery 5-10 minutes, Refill guarantee – 15 days, and Naturals Accounts. On the other hand, the premium has an Instant Start, Delivery of 1-5 minutes, and a Refill guarantee – of 30 days. 

1k Likes: For 1k real likes, InstaGrowing offers their clients a Quick Start, Delivery Time of 2-3 Hours, Refill Guarantee – of 15 days, Naturals Accounts, No Password Required, Affordable Prices, and Exceptional Service. The same applies to the 1k premium likes with a slight difference in refill Guarantee 30 days and delivery time of 1-2 hours. 

5k Likes and 10k Likes: You can go as far as buying 5k likes and 10k likes from InstaGrowing. The company delivers these services with affordable prices and experienced customer service. 

  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Auto Likes
  • Views
  • Comments
  • Custom Comments
  • Random Comments
  • Auto Comments
  • IGTV Views, Likes and Comments
  • Reels Likes Saves Views and Comments
  • Live Likes
  • Live Views
  • Active Followers
  • Auto Views
  • Profile Views
  • Story Views
  • Post Saves
  • Post Impressions
  • Mentions
  • Story Swipe UPs
  • Story Poll Votes

What Do We Like:

Account Security

InstaGrowing offers account security to its clients. No password or login details are required before using any of the company’s services. All you need to provide is your username. 

Fast and simple delivery

It takes less than 45 seconds to deliver the order on InstaGrowing. And the best part is that the ordering and delivery process is not complicated. 

Flexible Payment Methods

You can pay for their services using any of these payment methods; Visa, Apple pay, Mastercard, G-pay Binance, etc.

Service Guarantee

The guarantee lasts 30 days on all their Instagram service packages.

What Do We Not Like:

No Free Trial

The company does not offer a free trial option for its services. 


Maverick Kuris Says:

Just as promised, my Instagram account has been growing like crazy since using this site’s services.

Bernd Says:

I used the service from #InstaGrow since the beginning of 2022. I started with the Testagrow package and 26 followers, and after that changed, I changed it to the Basic package. Within the 3 months, I made it to more than 700 followers. I’m completely satisfied with the services.

Umberto Casagrande Cosmo Says:

After a good start to the service, it slowed down a lot. Also, the quality of the followers declined. Waiting for them to restore a proper service.

To Wrap up 

Instagrowing appears to be a dependable Instagram growth company that has similar features to a lot of growth companies out there. The company prioritizes the security of their client’s accounts before anything else, and they make sure to have a money-back guarantee, so you can as for a refund if you’re not completely satisfied with how they’re growing your account.

We also love that the company’s official website looks professional and contains the needed information you should know about a business. On their website, you will find their company’s address, about us page, and other vital information. For us, the company appears to be credible and reliable. 

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