Nowadays, it is easy to bypass the stress of growing an Instagram account. Instagram influencers and content creators leverage growth companies to increase their engagement and visibility. And fortunately, there are many of these growth companies out there. While some deliver exactly what they promise, others are scammers looking for who to rip off their hard-earned money. This is why you must carefully choose a growth company for your Instagram account. Buzzoid is an Instagram growth company and we have carefully reviewed this company in this article. So keep reading.

What is Buzzoid?

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Buzzoid is an established Instagram growth service company that has been around for some time now. It was created by a team of social media experts with over 12 years of experience on social media platforms. The company is constantly testing and improving our process to stay one step ahead of the competition.

They work with both small and large Instagram pages to grow their engagement. The company has a variety of packages available, depending on how many followers and likes you want to add to your existing amount. 

But that’s not all. They are constantly running tests within the Instagram ecosystem. This allows us to find the optimal follower velocity when rolling out new orders. Their system leverages real users — so you are not going to run into problems with Instagram over their terms and conditions.

They also offer fast delivery of these results and give you a guarantee on their website services work for you. 

The Process

Package selection 

Buzzoid offers a variety of different packages with the best value for Instagram likes and followers. You can discuss a customized plan to suit your needs if you have a larger order.

Fill out your details 

The company does not ask for sensitive information such as passwords or other secure info to deliver your Instagram followers or likes. All you need to do is provide them with your Instagram username and your email to get started with your order. 

After selecting your package and providing account details (your username only), you’re already done. Their process is expedited so that it is both fast and easy to provide you with the likes and followers you need. 

What does Buzzoid offer its clients?

Buzzoid claims to offer the following benefits to its clients. 

100% Guarantee

Again, this could very easily be a false promise – there’s every chance that they can’t process refunds for everyone. The companies out there that are not legit can not guarantee everyone’s money back, so you might end up getting pretty frustrated with the whole thing. However, we are pleased to say that we believe Buzzoid can follow through on this and has proved itself to be trustworthy. 

Instant delivery

Most customers are satisfied with Buzzoid products and their instant delivery. We believe that they can achieve this for every one of their clients. There won’t be people out there who will end up having to wait around for their engagement. It also indicates that they are making promises they can keep – a good sign.

24 hours customers support 

They claim to have a 24 hours customers support via their contact form. Their past clients also testify to this claim. However, other than the contact form available on their website, there is no phone contact or email to reach out to them in case of an emergency. 

Buzzoid plan and pricing

Buzzoid offers several different packages to fit your brand’s unique requirements. First, you should decide whether you want high-quality followers or premium followers.

The high-quality package is best for accounts that already have a decent following and want a little boost. The premium package is for those serious about growing their accounts to scale or brand new accounts with less than 5000 followers. 

The premium package has an exceptionally low drop-off lasting several years after your purchase. Both packages come in quantities of 500, 1000, 2500, or 5000 new followers per purchase.

These are the services the company offers for Instagram growth;

Instagram Likes

Buzzoid offers real Instagram-like services to Instagram content creators and influence. And they come in two tiers; high-quality likes and premium likes. You can visit their official website to see the variations and prices of this service. 

Instagram Views

According to Buzzoid, they offer only a high-quality, real views service while some competitors resort to techniques such as robots, or computer codes to keep their costs low. When you buy Instagram views from Buzzoid, they provide you with the best views money can buy in quality and quantity, and it’s one of the reasons why they are a popular choice of Instagram growth service. 

Instagram Followers

The company has developed a system of generating authentic followers that work to boost your following without leading to a drop-off a few weeks later. Unlike other social media marketing sites that use fake accounts, we only work with real accounts from real people — no exceptions. 

There are two tiers of Instagram followers to choose from on Buzzoid:

  • High-Quality Followers — Followers with profile pictures, but no further uploads.
  • Premium Followers — Followers with profile pictures and regularly posted quality content. Also referred to as “active Instagram followers” previously.


No Password Required

Buzzoid does not ask for a password or any sensitive information before using its services. This is encouraging as the risk of losing your account to hackers is minimal. 

Secure Payment Gateways

Their payment methods are verified and secured. In addition, it is highly flexible as you can pay using various methods like Apple pay, visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Binance. 


No phone support 

There is no phone support or email to reach out to them. You can only reach out to the customer support team via the contact form provided on their website. 

No Free trial

This company does not offer a free trial.

What Do People Say:

Smith dew Says:

Recently bought followers from buzzoid, which is superb, but highly suggest adding more payments like alphabetazone, which offer PayPal payment.

Ava T. Says: 

I tried to order subscribers and views on different sites, but not everywhere they do it as well as on Buzzoid. Here I got a real “live” activity that looks realistic and adapts to social network algorithms to raise my profile in all lists. I noticed that the influx of new subscribers became even greater than it was before. Thank you!

Lawrence G. Says:

I didn’t like their service because the quality doesn’t match the price at all. I know much cheaper services, but I only agreed to Buzzoid because of the good reviews. And now I think they are all untrue. 


Q.What information do I need to provide to buy Buzzoid services?

A. The only information they need is your username and instructions regarding which photo or video you want to receive the likes. Buzzoid will never ask for your password or any private information about your account. Be wary of companies asking for logins or other sensitive information when buying Instagram likes online — this isn’t needed to roll out this service.

Q. How fast is Buzzoid turnaround time? 

Buzzoid will not waste your time. Their system will process your order within minutes. However, our users are 100% authentic, so it can take up to 24 hours to roll out completely.

The company has learned to avoid Instagram’s spam filter by matching the velocity of our likes rollout depending on where the accounts are registered. This is a sophisticated process, but it works. There is no point in buying likes if it’s going to penalize your content and slow your growth. This is why they prefer to be methodical in how the likes are rolled out depending on the timezone in which most of your user base is registered.

Final Words

Buzzoid appears to be real as it has some good reviews on review sites like Trustpilot. However, we recommend caution when buying from them. There is no phone support, email, or physical address to reach out to them to address urgent issues. We also do not know the team members or other vital information about the company. So, you should tread with caution. 

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