Which companies had their IPO in 2012? Compared to 2011, the IPO market in 2012 was better. The stock exchange market eagerly waits to look for IPO listings each year. In 2012, 128 private companies became public. This year’s initial public offering market had its focus on a few big giants like Facebook. 

A total of 38 tech companies listed their IPO value, those worth $100 million or more. With M&A, 83 companies exit their initial public offering value of a minimum of $100. There are some tech companies whose IPO value was declining including Facebook, ServiceNow, Splunk, Kayak, Ruckus Wireless, Workday, etc. In this downfall list, most of them were cloud-base and enterprise software companies except for Facebook and Kayak.

10 IPO Companies in 2012

companies that had their ipo in 2012
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We have gathered 10 IPO companies’ information. Have a look at them below.


Facebook made its initial public offering on Friday, May 18, 2012. In technology industries and internet history, it was the biggest IPO entry. The market capitalization was the highest at over $104 billion. Facebook’s initial per share value was $42 but they sold it at $38. Their share value decreased during the offering. 

Facebook, started its social networking journey in 2004 became one of the social media giants. The founder & CEO is the most famous face of Mark Zuckerberg, who became a billionaire at an early age. Their IPO entry was talk of topics from previous years, but the CEO wanted to wait to bring their company public. Zuckerberg got many selling offers for FB, but he turned down all of them.

Workday, Inc.

Workday, Inc is an American cloud-base platform that offers human capital management, financial management, as well as student database software. Founded in 2005 by David Duffield, Aneel Bhusri, and former CEO & founder of PeopleSoft.

In 2012 October, Workday made its successful initial public offering entry. Workday escalated on its opening at $48.05 per share. Their initial public offering plan was $24 to $26 on each share but soared up to more than $48. Their total IPO value opening was at $637 million including 22.75 million A graded share sale. This company’s fundraising was at $9.5 billion. 


Kayak is an American online travel agency metasearch engine. It is operated and owned by Booking Holdings. Kayak is offering, mobile app and website services in more than 30 countries including the UK, Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Germany, etc. Their services are available in 18 languages.

Kayak first filed for its IPO in November 2010. They finally became public on 20 July 2012. Kayak’s per share opening was $26 but they closed it at $33.18. Their total fundraising was $229 million in over 7 rounds.

Steve Haefner and Paul M. English co-founded Kayak in 2004. The original name was Travel Search Company, Inc. Later it became Kayak Software Corporation in 2004, August through rebranding.


ServiceNow is an American software company. It develops cloud computing services to enhance Enterprise companies’ administrative workflow digitally. ServiceNow, founded in 2003 by Fred Luddy has their headquarters is in Santa Clara, California.

ServiceNow brought its company to the public in 2012. In its debut, ServiceNow soared up to 29 percent value on the New York Stock Exchange market. Their opening per share rate was $18 but it was raised up to $23 which was above expectations. Therefore, they sold a total of 11.65 million shares, and fund collection was $209.7 million. 

Guidewire Software

Guidewire Software Inc is an American software company, established in 2001. Their service is for property as well as casualty insurance (P&C) carriers worldwide.

Guide Inc started its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange in 2012. Firstly, they raised their IPO value to $115 million. Then they sold a total of 8.85 million shares and the rate of each share was $13. Therefore, their expected selling share amount was 7.5 million at $10 to $12. 

It is a California-based company founded by Ken Branson, James Kwak, John Raguin, Marcus Ryu and John Seybold, and Mark Shaw. Guidewire software provides an online-based claims system and enterprise application for administrative tasks and transactions.

Aisha Steel

Aisha Steel Mills Limited is a Pakistani steel manufacturing company that is Karachi-based. Their yearly production is 220,000 metric tons of steel every year. Arif Habib Group is the owner of Aisha steel mills.

This company made its IPO entry in 2012. Their share was over-demanding by 2.7 times. This company’s initial plan was to raise RS 100 million and they reached above their expectation of Rs270 million.

Aisha Steel Mill is a joint venture company including Arif Habib Group, Metal One Corporation, Universal Metal One, and a subsidiary of Mitsubishi company.

Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission is a manufacturer company that offers automatic transmission and Hybrid propulsion systems. Over 250 vehicle companies specify Allison’s products and also their products are used in different markets like distribution, military, bus, refuse, fire, and many special applications.

Allison Transmission Holding went public in 2012. In the New York Stock exchange, their opening per share rate was $23. Their offering share was 26.1 million. The company’s initial fundraising plan was approximately $500 million.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks, Inc is a multinational cyber security-based American company.Their Headquarters is in Santa Clara, California. Firewalls and cloud-based services are their main products. They work to increase firewall facilities to cover cyber security issues.

Palo Alto Networks made their public initial offering entry in 2012. Their total fundraising was $65 million over 5 rounds. They started stock offering at $42 per share value, on July 20. Seven investors funded in Palo Alto.

This company is serving over 150 countries including 70,000 organizations. Palo Alto was founded in 2005.

NMC Health

NMC Health is a UAE-based health care chain and distribution business. This company is serving over 19 countries with over 200 facilities. Their Headquarters is in Abu Dhabi, and they have branch offices in Ajman, Dubai, Northern Emirates, and Al Ain.

NMC Health’s initial public offering was on the London Stock Exchange, in 2012. They collected a total of £117 million in their public offering. They sold 55.7 million shares and the per-share value was 210 pence. 

Their plan is to use $150 million in funding in long-term debt and collect up to $335 million for starting and updating new medical facilities.

Joe’s Crab Shack

Joe’s Crab Shack is an American seafood-based chain restaurant. They started their journey in Texas, Houston in 1991. Now they operate all across the State. Joe’s food business was several times sold. As of 2012, Joe’s crab shack had 122 operating restaurants. 

Ignite Restaurant Group, the previous owner of Joe’s, went public in 2012. Their initial plan was to raise $65 million and later they filed for $100 million fundraising.

Ignite restaurant applied for bankruptcy protection in 2017, 6th June and Again the company was acquired by Landry’s Inc in 2017, August. The bankruptcy auction value was $57 million.


Overall 2012 initial public offering entry was better with 128 companies opening than in 2011. Many companies started their IPO this year but this year’s IPO entry was focused on the social networking giant Facebook. There are a bunch of tech companies that made successful IPO entries.

We have enlisted 10 IPO companies from different sectors in 2012. We Hope, this list will enlighten you with some of 2012’s IPO information.

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