How Much Does A Hamster Cost In The UK Monthly?

    how much does a hamster cost uk

    How much does a hamster cost in the UK in a month? Thinking of buying your first pet? Then hamster is a good choice. There are ample reasons why you should choose a hamster as a pet.  Hamsters are adorable, fluffy, and tiny pets. These tiny pets can fit in hand easily but they are naughty creatures. They need an eye due to being small in size. Hamsters are very friendly and calm pets. 

    Hamsters easily become good friends of kids, and they also love small pets. The first and foremost reason is that hamsters require less care. Hamsters run a lot, and this is a reason they have good health. The only point of concern is the expense. Let us begin to find out how much a hamster cost monthly. 

    Price of A Hamster

    Source: Victoria Raechel

    We can’t determine how much does a hamster cost in the UK without first considering hamster’s price itself. Nothing comes free, you have to pay a price to buy everything so in the case of a hamster. The price of a hamster depends on the mutation, markings,  breed, and the shop that you select. You might be a lucky soul if you found a hamster for a rehome. The median price that you have to pay for a hamster in the UK is around £5 and £17. 

    Some varieties of Hamsters: 

    • Teddy Bear Hamster
    • Syrian Hamster
    • Dwarf Hamster
    • Chinese Hamster

    Monthly Expenses

    To have a pet comes with a price. They are not easy to maintain. You have to buy some essentials such as a cage, wheel, toys, medication, dental checkups, emergencies, and food. All the items have different segregation that depends on the budget and your choice. 


    You can easily buy food for a hamster at the pet store. The food is specially for these small rodents and also gives them all the essential vitamins, proteins, and fats that they require. You can even give them home food but before that, you should have a piece of complete knowledge about the nutritional value. According to research, the hamster’s diet should consist of 16% protein and 5% fat. On average, the hamster food will be around £2 to £5. 


    A cage is probably the most important thing for a hamster. The hamster loves it if you buy a big cage in which his friends can also come. Try to buy a case in which four to five hamsters can be kept so that other hamsters can come and play.  In case you buy a double story cage then the hamster will roam here and there and will be very happy. 

    You should purchase relaxing bedding that should consist of high-quality material.  The bedding should have plant fibre so that it is comfortable to sleep on. Cage is considered to be the most important. Usually, the bedding would consist of £20 and £30. 


    Source: AHealth

    There are innumerable toys that you will find when you will go to a pet store. Buy the toys that you think are best for your hamster. If your hamster eats toys then you may have to come again and again to buy toys. Some of the toys are climbing towers, tunnels, mazes, bridges or digging towers

     You can also give some toys from home like a tube of toilet paper. Find some other interesting toys from home and save your money. Toys cost depends on the usage and choice but on average, you may have to pay £10-£15.

    Health Expenses

    We can’t determine how much does a hamster cost in the UK without including health expenses. Hamsters, who do need health check-ups may be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or six-monthly. Health checkups depend on the hamster generally but some of them are compulsory. So let us initiate and find out how much does a hamster cost monthly?


    Proper care is needed but if you fail so then you may have to visit a doctor on a regular basis. A hamster may get cuts,  eye problems, cold, cough, dehydration, constipation, and many more.  Whenever he is unwell, you have to take him to a doctor.

    For a basic diagnosis and consultation, you have to pay an average of £60. The price may increase if expert care is needed or tests. This is the reason an insurance policy is the best option. You can buy insurance easily for a hamster. But the point of concern is how much a hamster will cost monthly. The correct answer is that insurance will cost an average of £10-£15 per month.

    Source: AHealth

    Dental Check-Up

    Hamsters take a lot of attention when it comes to teeth. Chompers that easily grow up, in most cases hamsters file their own teeth by chewing them. So, to keep your teeth at the required length you have to purchase wooden toys, filers, and other materials that will keep their teeth safe. Make sure they are always overstocked. On an average, for dental checkups, you may have to pay £25 per year. 


    Like humans, hamsters also get sick and they do require proper medication. Most of the time hamsters do not require much medicine, only antibiotics are needed. But at a smaller age, they may require special care and more medicine in case they get ill. 

    Give them a good diet so that they do not get any serious infections like kidneys, or liver. The price of medication depends on how healthy your hamster is and in case he gets sick, the type of medication that is given. So the question is how much does a hamster cost monthly, the answer is for medication it is approx £10. 

    Bottom Line

    There are certain fixed costs that you have to may monthly that as food and toys. All the other expenses are one time that is a cage, vacation, equipment, or in case of emergency health care. Hamsters require good nutrition if they will get the required diet then the chances of becoming ill or having a serious infection are less compared to the other side. 

    The question of how much does a hamster cost in the UK monthly is still not clear. So the median monthly cost to have a hamster will be approx £10-£ 15. This is not much cost so you can keep hamsters as a pet easily but make sure that you take good care of your pet.


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