Most Expensive NFTs: The Biggest Sale

Most Expensive NFTs: The Biggest Sale. Even though it’s well into 2022, it may be that the NFT obsession is here to stay. Non-fungible tokens, including cat memes, pixelated apes, popular NFT collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and a ton—and we do mean a ton—of punk-style avatars—have managed to attract investment and collection dollars from wealthy investors and collectors.

But why do people choose to spend tens of millions of dollars on NFTs and what is actually driving the market? Why don’t you examine the top 10 most expensive NFTs ever sold to see them for yourself?

10 Most Expensive NFTs: The Biggest Sale

Most Expensive NFTs: The Biggest Sale
Source: Most Expensive NFTs: The Biggest Sale

As a member of the NFT community, you can sell your items for whatever price you feel is right. If you want to get rid of one of your items, there’s no need to worry about the price.

However, there are some NFTs that have sold for huge amounts of money. Here are the most expensive NFTs ever sold:

The Merge cost $91.8 million

As the most costly NFT ever sold, Pak’s creation The Merge holds the top spot. The artist is extremely well-known in the world of digital art, despite the fact that they have never disclosed their true identity. The Merge is a combination of “masses” that anyone engaged in purchasing can purchase, not a static work of art. The NFT started with three sizable dots on a black background. As there were more buyers, the dots grew larger.

Daily Average: The First 5,000 Days ($69.3 Million)

The First 5,000 Days, another work by Beeple, is a massive collection of 5,000 pieces of artwork that vary in subject matter, format, and style and were produced daily starting in 2007. These works of art have received a lot of praise from connoisseurs while frequently using satirical or dystopian scenarios. It is now the most expensive NFT art composite that has ever been purchased by a single owner.

Cloaks: $52.74 million

Clocks were created to gather money for Julian Assange’s legal defense following his contentious detention in May 2019. Due to his involvement with the website he founded, WikiLeaks, he was accused of espionage. The number of days that Assange has spent incarcerated is displayed on the clock. A $56 million portion of the NFT is held by more than 10,000 supporters. The Wau Holland Foundation, which has also supported Assange’s cause, was the NFT’s benefactor.

Human One cost $28,9 million

Human one, an artwork created by Beeple, is a mix of digital and physical media. The artwork has an odd characteristic in that it changes throughout time. The artwork is still accessible remotely by Beeple, who regularly updates it. The NFT shows an astronaut strolling through the many settings that alter throughout time. The NFT’s look is affected by experiments merging various TVs into various forms and patterns.

CoinPunk #7523 costs $11.7 million

The CryptoPunk #7523 includes a wide range of uncommon characteristics, just like previous pricey NFTs in the series. The Alien sub-collection includes it as a part. Three characteristics shared by only 24% of the collection’s CryptoPunks and an accessory found in only 25% of them make CryptoPunk #7523 stand out. One of the collection’s other uncommon elements is a knitted cap, and only 2% of the items share the medical mask. Though the price of $11.7 million it received is astounding even when these rarities are taken into account.

CryptoPunk #3100 costs $7.58 million

One of the nine Alien Punks, CryptoPunk #3100, also has the Alien skin, which significantly increases the token’s value. A white and blue headband gives the NFT with bluish-green skin a distinctive appearance as well. Its rarity is highlighted by the fact that only 406 of the 10,000 items in the collection sports headbands. Originally published in 2017, CryptoPunk #3100 rose to fame after attracting a $2 million bid in March 2021 and ultimately being acquired for $7.58 million in the same month.

7804 CryptoPunk costs $7.57 million

CryptoPunks is a collection of 10,000 unique characters that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Since no two CryptoPunks are precisely the same, they are very valuable. CryptoPunk #7804 distinguishes itself in the collection because it possesses a few unique characteristics. Among these is the Alien skin trait, which just 0.09 percent of the collection possesses. Another trait that just 3 percent of the material has is a pipe.

One further unique characteristic that just 4% of the collection possesses is the tiny hues. Additionally, only 3 percent of NFTs have the “cap forward” feature. Due to its unique qualities, CryptoPunk #7804 is one of the most popular NFTs and a rarity.

Guy, right-click, and select “Save As” costs $7.08 million

Snoop Dogg bought NFT from XCOPY. Guy, a satire on those who don’t appreciate the value of cryptographic art, can be saved by right-clicking. The right-click and Save As Guy serves as a reminder that, owing to blockchain technology, it is not the picture itself that is protected against copying, but rather the receipts connected to the artwork.

Oceanfront costs $6 million

The Ocean Front shows a tree perched on trailers and shipping containers placed on a platform, alluding to the global warming catastrophe. The Open Earth Foundation, a nonprofit group, was the recipient of the NFT’s charity event with the caption “Together we can fix this.” At $2.77 million, the Ocean Front, one of the most expensive NFTs at the time, opened the bidding. Justin Sun, the man responsible for starting the Tron Foundation, won the bid.

Beeple’s Crossroads costs $6.6 million

Beeple’s NFT Crossroads, which was offered via Nifty Gateway, was developed in response to the 2020 US federal campaign. The artwork depicts a dejected figure possibly Trump lying on the ground as a metaphor for the former president following the election’s defeat. Two other videos were shown on Crossroads, one of which portrayed a triumphant Trump and the other a somber one. The result of the election determined what would eventually be acted.

Final words

It is time to bid farewell to this edition of the most expensive NFTs with the biggest sale list. We hope that our readers have learned something new about gaming and the crypto world. We were sad to see that CryptoKitties was knocked from their first place spot by Decentraland. Hopefully, the insane sale of SLANDER will bring it back up in next months list.

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