When it comes to the stock market, the news isn’t everything. Sometimes, you have to do your own research and dig deep into a company to figure out what makes stock price movement more likely. However, that doesn’t mean stock market news isn’t valuable.

In fact, it’s crucial if you want to learn how to invest in the stock market efficiently. Instead of committing yourself to hours of unnecessary research, you can rely on experts and analysts like myself who provide tips based on the latest stock market news.

While we provide tons of information and resources for our subscribers, there are other places to find stock market news, too. The following are 10 resources you can use to learn how to invest in the stock market and find out about the latest opportunities.

1. Investopedia

If you haven’t spent time exploring Investopedia, now’s the time to start. It’s a comprehensive website that covers every aspect of investing you could hope to learn, from stocks and commodities to FOREX and real estate.

When you’re not sure how to invest in the stock market, Investopedia provides excellent definitions for common stock terms as well as advice on how to approach various positions. For instance, it provides brief overviews of topics like short selling, penny stocks, and blue-chip stocks.

Investopedia also offers up-to-the-minute stock market news, from the directions in which specific exchanges and indexes are trending to how global events might influence certain stocks. Check out the site’s homepage to get the latest information.

Just keep in mind that Investopedia, like many publications, might publish sponsored posts. In other words, these posts come from companies that desire exposure or want to sell you something, so keep your eyes open for promotional stories.

2. Motley Fool

The Motley Fool has been around for a long time, and although it’s not dedicated exclusively to teaching people how to invest in the stock market or to stock market news, it’s a valuable resource. On its homepage alone, you’ll find market performance information as well as recent news and investment commentary.

There’s also a section dedicated to popular stocks. For instance, Apple (APPL) typically appears here. If you’re interested in investing in the largest companies, you’ll want to pay attention to this section of the site.

The Motley Fool takes a freemium approach to journalism. It offers lots of information about how to invest in the stock market for free, but you have to pay for other types of information, such as the best stocks to buy now or the latest stock market news picks.

3. MSN Money

You might have gotten your first email account through MSN, but MSN Money and the company’s other publications are what has kept it strong. When you want information straight from the trading room floor, MSN Money can help you with the latest stock market news.

The site itself isn’t as easy to navigate as some of the other stock market news resources on this list. You sometimes have to dig a little to find the information you need. However, the homepage provides quotes and information about market indexes.

The site also covers the latest news about major companies whose stocks you might want to buy. From tech and healthcare to small business and real estate, you can get lots of valuable information from the articles published here.

4. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal needs no introduction. It’s one of the most respected publications in the world, providing plenty of resources for devoted readers, including stock market news. One of the great things about this resource is that you can switch to different parts of the world if you’re interested in foreign markets, whether it’s Asia or Europe.

Use The Wall Street Journal to learn about economic indicators you might not find anywhere else. Since this is a huge publication with almost endless resources, you’re likely to hear about it in The Wall Street Journal first. That could give you a huge advantage over other traders who rely on less up-to-date information.

5. CNN

Whether you read CNN online or watch it on television, you’re likely to learn tons of stock market news. There’s constantly updated information on stock exchanges, market indexes, economic indicators, and technical analysis.

Additionally, CNN works with some of the world’s foremost analysts to bring information to its audience. Having access to that level of information will make you a better trader.

It’s also a great resource for pre-market and after-hours trading. If you enjoy trading outside the NYSE hours, you can find a goldmine of information about what happened overnight or about what might happen the following night in other parts of the world and on other exchanges.

6. Yahoo! Finance

If you’ve done any research at all on stock market news, you’ve likely run into Yahoo! Finance. It’s another years-old site that consistently delivers high-quality information about the stock market as well as other finance topics.

This is also another site where you can research information about how to invest in the stock market as well as catch up on stock market news. The educational information can help you become a more informed trader, while market indicators tell you how price action is flowing at any given moment.


This is a European website that helps you customize the types of stock market news you’re interested in getting. You can set up a search query with ticker symbols, company names, index names, and other criteria so your dashboard isn’t cluttered with stuff you don’t care about.

CityFALCON is still in Beta, at least in part, but it’s worth checking out.

8. MarketWatch

As its name suggests, MarketWatch is all about keeping a close eye on the stock market. Use it to find stock market news on any topic you wish and to watch indexes as they change over time.

Lots of analysts participate in MarketWatch, which makes it a great resource when you want to know how the best stocks are doing on any given day. Checking in regularly will help you identify the best times to buy, sell, and short stocks.

Just keep in mind that this is not a high-level overview. If you don’t yet know how to invest in the stock market, start with some of the other resources on this list.

9. Scutify

Scutify is sort of like a social network for investors. You can trade tips from others, see what trades people have made, and learn from one another. If you prefer learning in a community environment, you might want to check out this site. The interface is something of a combination between Slack and Facebook, so it should be familiar to people who have used those sites.

Just remember that you can’t always trust what people say online, especially in a social community where participants can remain relatively anonymous. Before you take any action based on a tip or stock market news from Scutify, vet it through other sources. You don’t want to become the victim of a promotional pump-and-dump scheme or similar tactic that results in financial losses.

10. Fast Fortune Club

You didn’t think we’d close this article without mentioning Fast Fortune Club, did you? It’s our suite of publications that allow subscribers to benefit from our years of experience trading in the stock market and other securities.

We take most — if not all — of the legwork out of making trades. Instead of poring over financial documents, you can simply wait for us to alert you to a potentially lucrative trade. It’s not like the rest of these sites, which provide the same information to everyone, but a personalized service for subscribers only.


The more time you spend reading stock market news, the better you understand how the stock market works. To us, it’s fascinating. We spend most of our days elbow-deep in charts, documents, and other information that allows us to make profitable trades. Then we pass on that information to you.

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